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July 10, 2008

Conference on Cloud Computing (July 19)

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Cloud Computing-the New Face of Computing-Promises and Challenges

9th IEEE/NATEA Annual Conference
2008 New Frontiers in Computing Technology

Date: July 19, 2008 (Saturday)
Location: Cubberley Auditorium at Stanford University

IEEE Computer Society – Santa Clara Valley Chapter (
IEEE Stanford – Student Chapter (
North America Taiwanese Engineers’ Association (

Registion site:
The registration fee is $65 for regular, $60 for members, and $30 for students/unemployed

Cloud Computing denotes the latest trend in application development for Internet services, relying on clouds of servers to handle tasks that used to be managed by individual machines. With Cloud Computing, developers take important services, such as email, calendars, and word processing, and host them entirely online, powered by a vast array (or cloud) of interdependent commodity servers. Cloud Computing presents advantages for organizations seeking to centralize the management of software and data storage, with guarantees on reliability and security for their users. Recently, we have seen many efforts of the commercialization of the cloud, such as Amazon’s EC2/S3/SimpleDB, Google‘s App Engine, Microsoft’s SQL Server data services and IBM’s “Blue Cloud” service. At the same time, open source projects such as Hadoop and ZooKeeper offer various software components that are essential for building a cloud infrastructure. We hope to bring together eminent researchers and practiti!
oners from key research labs, companies, and open source communities to give us a quick overview of cloud computing. In addition, these speakers will present their views on the opportunities and challenges of cloud computing, either from technology aspect or business aspect.

Hamid Pirahesh, IBM Almaden Research, Keynote Talk, “Impact of Cloud Computing on Emerging Software System Architecture and Solutions”
Jimmy Lin, University of Maryland at College Park, “Scalable Text Processing with MapReduce”
Jim Rivera,, “Platform as a Service: Changing the Economics of Innovation”
Joydeep Sen Sarma and Ashish Thusoo, Facebook, “Hive: Datawarehousing and Analytics on Hadoop”
Hairong Kuang, Yahoo, “Take an internal look at Hadoop”
Mano Marks, Google, “App Engine: Building a Scalable Web Application on Google’s infrastructure”
Kevin Beyer, IBM Almaden Research, “Jaql: Querying JSON data on Hadoop”
Mihai Budiu, Microsoft Research in Silicon Valley, “DryadLINQ – a language for data-parallel computation on computer clusters”
Jinesh Varia, Evangelist, Amazon Web Services, “Cloud Architectures – New way to design architectures by building it in the cloud”

If you have questions on this event, reply to Howard Ho,, or Eric Louie,

IEEE Computer Society
Santa Clara Chapter
Eric Louie


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  1. Interesting article on “the cloud”. Another important SaaS trend is the number of much smaller vendors such as that have come on the scene lately to offer simple-to-use template apps. Their aim seems to be to get a foothold inside SMBs.

    Comment by amuletc — July 11, 2008 @ 10:23 pm

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