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November 5, 2007

Panel on Web 3.0

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Not sure if I’ll have time to go to this, but this seems like the one event to figure out what “Web 3.0” is about.

The MIT/Stanford Venture Lab presents:
“Web 3.0: New Opportunities on the Semantic Web”

Date: Tuesday, November 20
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Bishop Auditorium, Stanford University

* Robert Cook, Co-founder and Executive VP of Product Development, Metaweb
* Nova Spivack , CEO and Founder, Radar Networks
* Alex Iskold , CEO and Founder, Adaptive Blue
* Paul Kedrosky , Venture Partner, Ventures West

We are well into the current era of the Web, commonly referred to as Web 2.0. What lies on the horizon? Will Web 3.0 usher in the long awaited vision of the semantic web, as proposed by “Father of the Web” Tim Berners-Lee more than ten years ago?

Join us for a lively panel session where some of the best emerging companies in the semantic web space present their different approaches to realizing the vision. The panel will address questions such as: How can we best implement the vision of the semantic web? What will we do with the web once it is structured with semantic information? What new applications will appear? Where is the consumer value and how should it be marketed? What new businesses can be built on top of the semantic web that are not possible today? Will the semantic web ultimately bring about a new intelligence that surpasses that of humanity, sparking a new era of non-biological evolution?

Join us and bring questions of your own – help us uncover the future of the web!

Cost: $30 pre-registered; $40 at the door

More info:


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