Data Strategy

August 17, 2007

Fight crime with datamining

Filed under: Datamining, Pattern recognition, People and Data — chucklam @ 2:03 am

Some police departments are using datamining to predict where and when crimes are more likely to occur.

Using some sophisticated software and hardware [the Richmond, Va. police service] started overlaying crime reports with other data, such as weather, traffic, sports events and paydays for large employers. The data was analyzed three times a day and something interesting emerged: Robberies spiked on paydays near cheque cashing storefronts in specific neighbourhoods. Other clusters also became apparent, and pretty soon police were deploying resources in advance and predicting where crime was most likely to occur.

Coupled with some other technological advancement, such as surveillance videos wirelessly transmitted to patrol cars, major crime rates dropped 21 per cent from 2005 to 2006. In 2007, major crime is down another 19 per cent.

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